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Turning Down a Job While Unemployed

jobs-for-students-stubsToday I made the hard decision to turn down a job offer. I mean, in a sense it wasn’t all that hard because I suspected that I would probably turn it down if things played out as I expected, which they did. But it was still a decision I agonized over in the moment of making it, sweating profusely in my car in the parking lot after a different job interview, furiously texting my partner agonized reflections one sentence at a time (I’m lucky to have a great support in her, and despite being in the middle of a meeting she did her best to respond).

It’s hard to turn down a job when you’re unemployed. Though I’m still collecting some money via unemployment, this job would have paid me far more than UI does and certainly given our savings and my FIRE plans a nice immediate boost.

I thoroughly enjoyed the people I spoke with in my interview, and in many ways this was a great job. However, it wasn’t the right job for me, and I said no. I think it was the right thing to do.

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