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Huzzah for Routines of Freedom, Boo on Routines of Oppression

yoke-of-freedomAs you can see from the tag-cloud over on the right, one of the topics I’ve written about a few times here is routines. How the word can recall monotony and discipline, how even when I acknowledge their usefulness I’m not always good at getting them to stick, how distractions come up. Routines and I are not natural friends, it would seem.

But a routine can be a helpful productivity tool – as I’ve been navigating the numerous uncertainties of life as an unemployed person,  I’m beginning to think it may be an essential one. I’ve been thinking lately about trying to reframe the way I think about this issue that will agree with me on a deep, easy, intuitive level.

Routines of Freedom are good. Routines of Oppression are bad.

Perhaps not the biggest revelation out there, but it acknowledges the powerful truth that a routine is neither good nor bad by itself. It’s merely a tool. And right now in my life, I have a downright opportunity to embrace the relative freedom I have with my time to make my routine awesome.

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