The inspiration for this blog was the pink slip I received in the mail after a run of the mill, Friday afternoon corporate layoff. Ironically, that final pink paycheck had come in the mail shortly before the conversation where I was informed of my fate, but I didn’t open it, because I was working. When I did, I cracked up.

I’m a thirtysomething believer that life is better when you’re not forced to work. That may sound kind of like a lazy pipe dream, but I think it’s surprisingly possible – if you want to read up on the idea, I like the way MMM and ERE cover the issue of FIRE (Financial Independence, Retired Early).

My layoff came far, far before I could hit any imagined FIRE goals, but I’m determined to make this pink slip a good one for me. This blog will follow me as I explore the emotional, philosophical, and financial joys and challenges of having gotten that fateful slip.

UPDATE: As of late 2015, I now have a new job. However, the scope of the blog remains the same.


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