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August Food Budget – Considering The Plateau


Bears a resemblance to the stock market these days, no?

It’s time for the latest installment of my yearlong quest to track and trim my food budget. For those of you short on time, let me just say that if you remember my numbers from last month, they were very similar in August. Shockingly similar, in fact. I think we’ve possibly hit what I’m calling The Plateau. It’s not a bad place to hang out, this new baseline, but it is a bit short of the lofty goals I initially set out for myself, so there is work to be done.

There are some changes coming starting next month that will take a little pressure off our overall budgets (more on that in another post), so vigilance against lifestyle creep is more important than ever. Keeping this budget low was never about penny-pinching and always about exploring how to actually cook and love the food I eat, which just so happens to cost less than it does to be lazy on food consumption anyway. It’s no coincidence that the months our costs were lowest are also the months where I felt I invested the most time/energy in cooking. As time becomes scarcer, I need to remind myself why I continue to work on this – because it’s fun, not to mention the fact that it helps pave the way to financial independence.

Anyway – onto the numbers.

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Harnessing the Good in Should


What the voice of should often seems like – but hear him out, he could be making a good point

Nobody likes to be told what they should do. In fact, the word is often condemned as unfair to use at best, or downright harmful at worst. “Should” stifles more natural or personally beneficial inspiration, replacing it with the judgment of the “shoud”er. Kinda harsh, right? Who says who gets to judge people? Who says who gets to judge you?

“Should” in this sense can be a dangerous word to try and grapple with. While we could take this off in a debate on moral relativism, I’d rather focus more on the duality of “shoulds” that I’ve been thinking about in recent weeks. One “should” is indeed harmful, but the other I’ve actually found very helpful to keep in mind.

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