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May/June/July Food Budget – Time for a Reckonin’


Kiwis – must be the season, because we’ve been getting a lot of them delivered to us lately

Sitting down to write this post has been a little daunting. After posting my April budget in early May and falling behind in my reporting here, it’s just felt like a lot of data to share. Even though, as I mentioned in my last post, I did collect my May/June data in early July, I never quite got around to sharing it here. The very same thing nearly happened today. However, it’s time to reckon with what’s been happening.

Unlike past months, I will not be able to state that I’ve continued to aggressively cut costs as the summer has unfolded (this may also have played a subconscious role in being in no hurry to put this post together). Food costs have definitely risen. Overall though, I’m still pretty pleased that even with less intention, our numbers routinely came in under our 2014 averages – over the span we beat it by about 8%. If that’s the new baseline, then great. I didn’t even shop at my wholesaler since March – March! I’m paying for a membership there. That needs to be rectified.

Ok, let’s dive into the numbers – now featuring a spiffy new chart.

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