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April Food Budget – Holding the Pace

bulk-foodAnother month, another measured look at whether we were able to keep up with our progressively lower food cost goals.

From February to March we excitingly saw a 13% dip in total food expenditure (which translated to a 20% dip in cost per meal, given the shortage of days in February). That coming on the heels of February, the first month of our food challenge, already representing a 22% drop compared to our 2014 averages. This was a pretty fantastic start, but I predicted last month that we would not be able to see such a substantial reduction again. I would have loved to prove myself wrong though.

Rather than keep you in suspense, I’ll come clean that we did not reduce our spending by another 20% – in fact, spending went up. But I’m still happy with the month and we remain right on the pace I was hoping for.

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