Hard Numbers Will be Hard to Come by

10 - dice

Hard numbers can be incredibly helpful when analyzing data. There aren’t many of them on this blog though, and that’s by design.

I’m honestly conflicted about this, so I think it bears explaining. I’ve begun to read a number of blogs as I’ve grown more interested in things directly/tangentially related to personal finance and FIRE, and many are unabashedly open about much of their finances, with hard numbers aplenty. I have found this occasionally overwhelming but largely inspirational, and perhaps, I wonder, if I shared similarly I could inspire some as well. That is part of what this is after all – I’m writing about my journey for myself, yes, but I want to be helpful, to be supportive, and to be giving back to the community of readers/writers whose posts help or spark me along the way.

I do enjoy writing for myself, but it would be gratifying to imagine I could be contributing to something larger, and which people find useful.

The issue, however, is privacy. I have my own quirks when it comes to internet privacy, and this is made more complex by the fact that I am in a partnership, and many life experiences and financial choices will not be solely mine. As much as I guard my own privacy, I have to guard that of others even more seriously.

I know that true internet privacy is impossible – once something is written on a public post, it’s there forever (thanks Google cache!), and even nameless anonymous bloggers leave personally identifying traces that enterprising hackers could one day piece together and infer a whole hell of a lot from. I do appreciate the community of bloggers I’ve been reading and like to trust the interwebs, but it’s totally anarchic at its core. Fear-mongering aside, trying to defend privacy in this setting is very limiting, but in my opinion it can be a worthwhile way to show care. It can be worthy of limiting expression for (as long as it’s a choice).

I’ll refer to other people where it makes sense, but this blog will remain laser focused on me and my experiences as much as I can. I will share numbers as helpfully as I can, but they’ll sometimes be as general as they can be while still giving an idea of what they represent. I know this might make this blog slightly less relatable, but hopefully it will still be useful and interesting to others, just as it is for myself. If you’re ever curious for more detail about some of the topics I explore on this blog, drop me an email at goodpinkslip AT gmail (dot) com, and maybe we can talk more about it in a less public setting.

For now though, I’ll be limiting myself at times, though I continue to appreciate the openness of some other blogs, hoping it doesn’t come off as hypocritical in some fashion. Life is about meeting people where they are, and that’s just where this is right now. Happy blogging to all.


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