The Secret to Being a Writer is… Writing

typewriter-typingI have always enjoyed writing, and fancied myself a writer since at least middle school, when I’d scribble multi-page summaries of stories I was completely sure I would one day turn into epic novels. Though I would turn my first such 10 page summary into an at least 80 page start during high school (covering perhaps 40% of my summary), and have written in occasionally voluminous spurts since then… I have produced no novels. I don’t mean published, I mean produced… I just never got around to writing enough.

Much as I seem to enjoy writing, I never seemed to consistently make the time for it. At times this has variously made me doubt whether I’m really a writer, and whether this is just perhaps a well I return to when I’m out of other ideas. A “comfort aspiration,” if you will. I’m pretty sure this self-doubt is as unproductive as virtually all self-doubt is. The key is to embrace discipline and to Write. Every. Day.

Though this blog is still forming, I don’t intend for it to be a journal exactly, chronicling my daily ups and downs. I want to be sharing ideas, tips and successful stories of how I am dealing with/thriving in unemployment, and hopefully this will be of use to both my (theoretical) readers as well as myself. But for this first week, I committed myself to writing in it daily, whether I “felt” I had something to say or not. This is, of course, a fantastic way to find out that I do have a lot to say. Writers gotta write.

I’m not out of ideas, with a couple I’m excited to get to waiting patiently in my drafts folder – they’re percolating and will be ready at some point. I may still come back here daily, or I may give you all a bit of a break every once in a while starting next week. I intend to be here a lot though, as well as writing in other places. There’s a lot to say on this topic, and I’m excited to keep digging into it and to keep sharing.


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