Day One – This Blog Begins

I’m unemployed. In a word, that’s why I’m here, blogging. I’m not completely sure what this blog’s about yet, and on a certain level that’s worrisome. On Friday I was employed, but today I’m not. So what’s my plan? How does this blog fit in?

I’m taking this period of unemployment as an opportunity, as a chance to explore what it’s like not to work. At the risk of sounding lazy, I’ve kind of wanted to not work for a long time. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of things I want to do, first and foremost among them support myself and my family as it grows. I have a few things in mind that I think I want to start off with as I find myself with my first fully unemployed day in my adult working life (note, I am in my early thirties, so this is perhaps not an exceptionally long time except to me).

1) This Blog. I never give myself a chance to write, and I miss the reflective power of journaling more in my youth (aka, the last time I wasn’t working). I also think blogging here about my goings-on will keep me honest.

2) Other Blogs. See #1 above for why I’m inclined to start more blogs. One will be geared towards creative writing – I was (and still am, so I guess I’m still kinda employed) a part-time editor, so this will get me to share my own work, and also tips, ideas, book reviews, etc. In my previous employment I worked in e-commerce, so since I know it, I’m also planning to start a blog in that vein, perhaps a deal of the day sort of thing, if I can find a way to approach it that feels honest and not soul-draining. If all goes well, these blogs might earn me a buck or two, which would be great.

3) Home Stewardship. This is probably the most immediate and effective way I’ll be able to affect my family’s bottom line without “working”. Since encountering sites like Mr. Money Mustache last fall, I’ve already begun keeping a sharper eye on my household costs and cooking a lot more. Without being tied to my computer for eight hours, I am now free to take this to the next level. If I do this right, I anticipate I can slash thousands off our yearly home budget, chiefly through the cooking of delicious food.

I’ll also be keeping an eye on the job market and continuing to maintain and acquire part time work, because while I would have loved to name this blog “Last Pink Slip,” the fact is I’m going to need to work at another job, or at least gain reliable additional income, for a good while before I can consider myself financially independent. Regardless of if/when I go back to work, it’s my hope that this opportunity will give me lessons in self-understanding, household management, and even side-income doing work I love that will last a lifetime.


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